1. CARINTHIA G-LOFT® Sleeping bags & Garments

The sleeping bag should be aired at every opportunity, the latest after each tour, because the moisture that is produced by the body overnight, reduces the insulating power and results in an unpleasant smell. Every product needs a proper care. The sleeping bag should only be washed if it is really necessary, because each filling - whether down or synthetic - lose with every wash at Loft and function. Before washing all zipper pullers have to be placed into the zipper garages completely, all snaps and Velcro fasteners need to be closed also.

Preventive Care
In order to avoid frequent washing, we recommend using a liner. Most of our sleeping bags are equipped with special attachment loops for CARINTHIA liners. Here, the hygiene is important, because the liner is easier to wash. Some of our liners serve as additional insulation layer.

To avoid unpleasant smells, sleeping bags and garments must be extensively aired in open state after each use.

To treat small spots, we recommend to slightly & carefully pull away the outer or inner fabric from the insulation layer and to treat the spots separately with a wet cloth and special detergent before a complete wash is contemplated.

This is especially advisable in the neck and head area where sebaceous skin and hair remain. A professional cleaning is not recommended unless stains and debris abound.

Washing of G-LOFT® Sleeping bags
G-LOFT® for a simpler maintenance is suitable for washing machines and dryers. Wash in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. At low temperature tumble dry and remove immediately. Avoid excessive heat - do not bleach and do not iron. Do not use fabric softener.

The gentlest method continues to be hand washing. Soak with plenty of hot water in the tub with Synthetic detergent extensively, knead lightly and repeatedly rinse well. You can wash your sleeping bag also in the washing machine using a gentle cycle at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Use a mild detergent (best synthetic fiber detergent).

This requires a washing machine drum of minimum 7kg. Wash the product only individually. Before washing close all clips and open all string cords, turn sleeping on the left. You should repeat the rinse process several times to make sure that the detergent has been completely rinsed out before you hang it to dry in the fresh air. Spin only up to 500 spins per minute. Avoid direct sunlight at the drying. The drying machine can be carried out in the gentlest drying program with very low heat to strain the insulating fiber as little as possible. In between, take out and shake. This requires a washing machine drum of minimum 7 kg. For sleeping bags over 2 kilos dry weight, we recommend to use a large industrial dryer.

2. Down sleeping bags & Garments

Wash down sleeping bags or down garments only when absolutely necessary. Instead to extensive airing over several days in the fresh air. Light stains should be washed by hand in order to preserve the down.

Hand wash:
Put hand warm water and special-down-detergent into the tub and let the down product soak for several hours. Rinse several times with clear water. Do not wring, but only squeeze gently.

Washing machine:
As detergent one can use a special down detergent, but it also works with normal detergents, however, this should not contain bleach. Never use fabric softener! Basically, you can wash down products by yourself. However, this requires a washing drum that holds at least 7kg!
Caution: Normal household washing machines usually have only a capacity of 4kg!

Wash the product only individually on a gentle cycle at 30°C. You should repeat the rinse process several times to make sure that the detergent was removed safely. Spin only up to 500 spins per minute.

Properly drying without dryer
Place the down product on a drying rack in the shade. Every few hours squeeze out down lumps in the chambers. After several hours, the lumps are getting smaller, then shake the sleeping bag or down jacket again and turn it until it is dry. This will take about 2 to 3 days, depending on the volume. You can understand if the drying process has finished when no down lumps are recognizable.

Properly drying with dryer
Place the down products individually in the dryer and dry slowly ON THE LOWEST heat level (cold). Again: this requires a washing drum that holds at least 7kg! Do not put any tennis balls in the dryer. In between, take out and shake. Finally, hang at least 24 hours in the air and in between shake again.

3. Storage

Sleeping bags (and also down jackets) must be stored if possible open and hanging, or with open zippers in the storage sack. For storage, the filling needs enough space to expand and recover. Store the sleeping bag folded loosely or loosely rolled in the storage bag. Use the compression bag only for the transport! It is important not to roll the sleeping bag, but to stuff it beginning with the foot section with open zipper in the storage bag. Rolling strains the down filling always at the same spots and the construction can be damaged.

4. CARINTHIA Loden products

To meet our high quality requirements, we purchase the high quality Loden outer  material from Tirol. Tyrolean Loden made mostly from sheep's wool, which keeps perfectly warm and dry thanks to its natural structure. As insulation material we use G-LOFT® which is developed and manufactured  at our company headquarters in Seeboden. In order to obtain the insulating power permanently, Loden products must be carefully cleaned and stored. Avoid storing it in a compressed state. Instead, you should ventilate Loden products after each use thoroughly and store it openly in order to neutralize odors and to dry the Loden.

To refresh the color again and retain odors the outer fabric can be brushed with a clothes brush (moistened with vinegar-water) from top to bottom. Tough stains can be removed by gently dabbing with a damp cloth and washing soap. To remove tough dirt, we recommend a professional cleaning at a specialist. Products with Loden as outer material may NOT be washed.

Most hunting & wildlife bags include a detachable foot section made out of a water- and dirt-repellent fabric. This can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.


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