Warm, light and breathable - even in extremely wet and cold weather: The revolutionary G-LOFT insulation meets the highest standards and combines the benefits of natural down with the ruggedness of a synthetic fibre. And it is permanent. Due to the ”MEMORY EFFECT” the fibres automatically return to their original and unique form, providing warmth, even after repeated washing and hard use. G-LOFT guarantees optimal thermal insulation and heat regulation, both indoors and outdoors.




MEMORY EFFECT : The exceptionally fluffy and warming spiral form of the G-LOFT insulation is achieved through the molecular structure of the bi-component-fibre.
Special Fibre Blend:
Microfibres and „Low-Melt-Fibres“guarantee a permanent, fluffy G-LOFT insulation with the minimum possible packsize.
Natural Clustering
Similar to high-end down, G-LOFT products form „Clusters“. Air is trapped in countless small pockets and ensures an optimal insulation.


Warm & Light
Maximum heat rating at a minimum weight: G-LOFT is measurably perceptibly lighter and has measurably higher heat rating/thermal efficiency for the same weight.
Highly Compressible
The miraculously small pack/weight ratio: When packed, air escapes from the G-LOFT insulation, which later quickly unfolds again due to the MEMORY EFFECT.
Top Wet Condition Performance
In contrast to down G-LOFT fibres absorb no moisture. This guarantees a high thermal rating/thermal efficency even in wet conditions.
G-LOFT products can be machinewashed in standard domestic washing machines and are therefore perfect for allergy sufferers.
Highly Breathable
The breathable G-LOFT products guarantee a perfect temperature regulation outdoors and an optimal sleeping climate.


All of our synthetic sleeping bags are equipped with Thermoflect: an aluminium-bonded fleece material which reflects body heat back inside. Weighs little, hardly affects water vapour permeability, yet it increases heat retention.

Multiple award winner

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