A person perspires up to 500 grams of moisture in the form of vaporized sweat, per night. This moisture – should it be trapped in the insulation material of the sleeping bag – causes a dramatic reduction in insulating property. At very low temperatures the condensation point (the temperature at which vapour becomes liquid) is mostly located at the inner side of the outer shell. At extreme temperatures the condensed water can even freeze to ice. The result is when you get out and the bag cools, the filling absorbs the remaining moisture. Over a period of continued use, the filling cannot dry out and the sleeping bag gets damper and heavier. The consequence is a sharp decline in the insulating property of the down sleeping bag.


All our bivy bags and tents are equipped with a high quality 3 layer laminate of GORE TEX®. GORE TEX® ARID LITE AIR is not only absolutely watertight, windproof and moisture permeable, it is also extremely breathable and – most importantly – gas permeable. This means, that our bivy bags and tents can be completely sealed, without having to leave an air-vent open. Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide exchange through the material, even though you are fully protected from bad weather.

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