CQ Down™

Down is still unequalled when it comes to the best warmth-weight ratio. Down the smallest and finest layer of feathers found under the tougher exterieror feathers of geese and ducks (Weighing only 0.001 to 0.0045 gr). We exclusively use CARINTHIA CQ-DOWN™, selected from premium duck or goose down with great diligence and according to the strictest quality standards.

What makes a good down filling?

All the parameters listed below are decisive for the quality of the down:

The raw Material

  • The species itself: either goose (= better as it’s larger) or duck, and which breed.
  • The feed: concentrated feed is better for growth – e.g. corn feed instead of grass
  • The climate where the animal lived: the colder the climate, the better the quality.
  • The keeping of the animals: free-range and outdoors is better than indoor breeding.
  • The age of the animal at the time of culling: the down of older animals is better, as it is larger, stronger and better formed.
  • The know-how and the diligence during further processing.

The ratio of down and feather in the filling

Example: 90/10 goose down. The 90 refers to the percentage of
down and the 10 refers to the percentage of feathers in the insulation mix.
Important: The so-called weight percentage does not give any information as to the quality of the raw materials and their ability to insulate properly.


The “fill-power” (also called “loft”) is the most important measure of down quality. It states which volume can be filled by a certain amount of down.

CARINTHIA uses the “new” international method as recommended by the IDFB – International Down and Feather Bureau. A device is used, where 30 g of down is placed into a cylinder and loaded with a defined weight for a period of 1 minute. The remaining volume of the down is measured in cubic inches (1 cuin = 16,39 cm3) and shows the fill-power of the down. The IDFB testing method, typically results in around a 5 % lower value than the “old” American method. In addition, you generally have to take into consideration a certain measuring tolerance in the down as it is a natural product. Again, it may vary by up to 5 %. As a general rule: the more cuin fill-power, the better the heat retention.


What is CQ-DOWN™?

We only use European duck and goose down with a fill power of 600 to over 800 cuin (= cubic inches). This high-quality, certified product is processed into CQ-Down™. CQ-Down™ stands for Carinthia Quality and underlines the promise that we give to our demanding customers.

What makes down so special?

Thanks to its three-dimensional structure down is able to trap plenty of air in proportion to its weight. A good down feather has about 2 million fluffy “legs” which interlock with other down. In between, the down traps non-heat-conducting air, which protects against the cold. Due to its very high resilience down can be compressed considerably. After taking the down product out of the stuff sack, shake it well and
give it air to “breathe”. The down expands to the original shape and will keep you as warm as before.

Where does CQ-Down™ come from?

We purchase high quality European goose and duck down from renowned German manufacturers. We only use products that do not come from live plucking!


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